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Why Podbites?

The idea for Podbites came to me years ago. Not in its current form, but rather as ideas. 


I wanted to develop some type of platform where I would talk to intriguing people who were in roles where they did things that made me want to know more. 


But the idea never went further, until one of my brothers said, "Enough! Stop talking about what you want to do and do it. The time will never be perfect so just start where you are with what you have."


After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with the concept of Podbites. A quick conversation for people who are already starved for time. A podcast packed with information that you could listen to on your way out the door, or between appointments. 


The answer to "Why Podbites" is simple. It's an opportunity to learn more about some incredible people in interesting roles who are using their life callings to impact others, in a bite-sized portion. So take a minute, click on Podbites, find something that makes you want to know more, and take a bite!!

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My Story


I am a lover of words, a seeker of information, a researcher, a writer, a storyteller a devoted wife and a sleep deprived mother who spends her days homeschooling our children and caring for my mother. A bit of a stretch from my career.

I always tell people I have had 2 of the best jobs. My first, as a Television News Anchor/Reporter, fed my love of figuring out the inner workings of what I could see. My second, as a homeschool mom who gets to experience life with my 2 youngest children, and enjoy with a new freshness, all of the wonder that they express as they discover and explore the world.

One of my greatest joys is seeing them light up when they learn something new, or having an epiphany when they finally work through some difficult concept. 

I am that "Meacher" (mom/teacher) who gets messy doing experiments, and loves exploring new places with the children, going on field trips, singing and dancing through the house, and playing tag on the playground. Until Covid hit, we spent countless hours in the library, where  our 2 would devour books and stories at such a high rate that I had to invest in a cart to carry their bounty home. The only limit to the number they could check out was what would fit in the cart. 150 was our biggest haul.


I am that mom who during a solar eclipse strapped our then two year old and our six year old into their car seats, jumped into our van and chased the sun, until I found a place that was clear enough for us to jump out and peer above the trees, with our handcrafted viewing glasses, as the last few moments of the vision was disappearing from the sky.

Now that the children are older and a bit more independent, I want to resume a creative outlet of my own, and Podbites is that dream fulfilled. I'm energized by hearing people's narratives, asking the questions that I really want answered and bringing to light so many stories that are just people's every day, yet amazing, lives.

Thanks for taking time to listen to their stories and I hope you hear something that inspires you too!


If you have an interesting story that you'd like to share on an episode of Podbites, please, email me your idea and 

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