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Verna Collins Odoom, posts informative visual podcasts interviewing some interesting individuals.

Hidden Figures: People In Incredible Roles Who You Should Know

Season 2 of "Podbites with Verna" is almost here, and this season is ALL about Hidden Figures. People who you may not know, but once you hear from them, I believe you will be glad you did. We're introducing them to you on Facebook Live on Sundays. Click on the video to hear a preview from our 1st Hidden Figure then join us as that guest helps me kick off Season 2 this Sunday, September 26 at 4 p.m. EST.

Hidden Figures: Revealed: Industry Leader and CEO, Joe Voyticky, Shares Leadership Insights

Verna Collins Odoom, host and creator of Podbites with Verna, interviews Joe Voyticky, the CEO of a nutritional supplement industry leader, about the culture he created that has grown the company from operating in 2 countries to multiple offices in 17 countries around the world.

Hidden Figures, People That You May Not Know About But You Should

Verna Collins Odoom, talks with Billie Hamilton Powell, about combating disparities in women’s and maternal health Services

Hidden Figures, People That Might Not Be So Commonly Know, With Fascinating Stories
Another Hidden Figure is being revealed today. Police Chief Brian James is speaking with me about his city and the programs he is spearheading

Hidden figures, But Not For Long, Important News From People That Are "Hidden" To Some

History Maker and Champion of Alternative sentencing, Yvonne Johnson, talks with me, about her, forty year efforts equity in sentencing

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